Today we’ll show you how to draw facial expressions.

The best way to learn how to convey emotion in the face is by examining yourself and others
and noting how the features change.

Note when you can see the whites around the eyes, when
wrinkles appear beside the mouth or above the eyebrows, and how the lips change when they smile or frown.

Practice, experimentation, and constant observation are key.

  1. To show anger, the eyebrows lower and lines between them are apparent.The eyelids lower at an angle over the iris, and the shadow between the inward corner of the eye and the nose darkens, since the eyebrows may be casting a greater shadow on the eye.The mouth may shorten and bunch into a scowl, with obvious, dark lines that distinguish them from normal mouth lines.
  2. The sad face has a down turned mouth, and slightly furrowed brow that is
    similar to anger, but with puckers that occur in slightly different places.The shadow line beside the mouth is well defined, and the eyes appear to slope downward due to the shape of the eyelid.
  3. A happy, laughing face has eyebrows that slope up at the top and no lines
    on the forehead or between the eyes.There are lines in the corner of the eyes caused by the cheeks pushing upward, and the eyes may be mostly or completely closed in laughter.Lines on each side of the mouth indicate creases caused by the lips pushing the cheeks apart and up into a smile.

  • Surprise is shown most obviously by the eyes. There is white visible above the iris, the eyebrows are arched upwards, and the mouth may be open, showing teeth.Depending on how high the eyebrows are raised, wrinkles may appear on the forehead.
  • Tiredness may look similar to surprise if the eyelids are not lowered. The jaw may drop in a yawn, causing the face to lengthen, and the eyebrows will slope downward similar to an anxious face.There will be lines under the cheekbones to accentuate the gaping mouth if the tired face is yawning.


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