How To Draw People 25 Different Ways

Do you find it difficult to get on with a simple circle? Do your straight lines keep bending and it seems unable for you to draw lines no matter how hard you try? We have picked 25 best drawing projects for beginners to try out. Out selection of drawing

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Before You Begin Drawing, This Is What You’ll Need To Get You Started

The first step to learning how to draw is preparing a place to draw and getting your supplies together. At the most basic level, this simply means finding pencil, paper, an eraser, and a flat surface to draw against. But a quick discussion of the basic implements to use may help to get you started.

Before You Begin Drawing, This Is What You’ll Need To Get You Started2017-10-31T13:18:34+10:00

Techniques For Shading And Highlighting

Today we'll show you some techniques for shading and highlighting. Just as line defines accuracy in shape, shading and highlighting define accuracy in form. Without knowledge of how to shade your drawings, your work will appear fl at, unfinished, and underdeveloped. The first key to shading is knowing how to achieve different effects. You

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How To Draw Facial Expressions

Today we'll show you how to draw facial expressions. The best way to learn how to convey emotion in the face is by examining yourself and others and noting how the features change. Note when you can see the whites around the eyes, when wrinkles appear beside the mouth or above the eyebrows, and

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How To Draw Feet

Today we'll show you how to draw feet. Feet are a complex system of tiny bones, muscles, and tendons, and so present a special challenge in drawing. In proportion to other features of the body, the foot is roughly a third longer than the hand, and without a big toe would be about the

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How To Draw A Face

Today we'll show you how to draw a face. Begin by sketching the shape of the face and placing guidelines for eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The eye line should indicate where the eyes line up on the face, which will be on the center of the head for straight-on views. Draw simple lines

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How To Draw Legs

Today we'll show you how to draw legs. When drawing legs, acquaint yourself with the anatomy before you begin. Study how the bones are joined and how the muscles attach to them and you will be able to visualize the structure easily as you draw. Begin by sketching the leg in its largest, simplest

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How To Draw Arms

Today we'll show you how to draw arms. When drawing arms, it is very helpful to be familiar with the bone and muscle structure. When one understands that the forearm is made up of the ulna and radius, for instance... ... it is easy to remember that the arm tapers from the shoulder to

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Learn To Draw Hair

Today we'll show you how to draw hair. The difficulty in drawing hair is learning how to depict it as soft and movable while not spending hours trying to draw individual hairs. Think of hair as having three definite tones; highlights, shadows, and lowlights, and begin by drawing the shape of the skull and

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How To Draw The Chin And Neck

Today we'll show you how to draw the chin and neck. When drawing the neck, it's important to remember that the lines are not parallel, even though they seem to be. The neck is not a pole that attaches the head to the body, it is a movable column that tapers and curves. There

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How To Draw Proportion

Today we'll show you how to draw proportion. Every feature of the face and body follows its own rules of proportion, or, measurement in comparison to the features around it. While these rules may be broken or bent from person to person, the general guidelines will apply to most, and so are extremely helpful

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How To Draw A Pair Of Hands

Today we'll show you how to draw hands. Drawing hands will vary greatly depending on the age of the person and the way the hands are being held. But here we will look at simplified methods for drawing an adult hand seen from two angles. Begin by drawing the largest shapes. Guidelines will help

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How To Draw Teeth

Today we'll show you how to draw teeth. Many of the same principles applied to drawing lips will apply when drawing teeth, because of course the lips are still visible, though parted. Begin by drawing the basic shape of the two lips and a guidelines that indicate the center of the mouth vertically, horizontally,

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How To Draw A Mouth

Today we'll show you how to draw a mouth. Mouths are very tricky because so much depends on subtlety. Use a very light touch, especially in the beginning stages, to make sure that you don't outline the shape of the lips too much. Otherwise this will result in a clownish, "drawn-on" look. Sketch the

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How To Draw A Nose

Today we'll show you how to draw a nose. Draw the guidelines for the nose according to the angle of the head. There should be a line that shows where the center of the bridge of the nose is, and another that indicates the nostril line. Draw the basic shape of the bridge, nostrils,

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How To Draw A Pair Of Eyes

Today we'll show you how to draw a pair of eyes. From the last edition we know what tools to use and paper type is best to draw on. Now we'll start our drawing journey together ... Draw the rough shape of the outside of the eye and the lines that indicate the upper

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