How To Draw A Face 25 Ways

Click Here To Learn How To Draw A Face Blessed are the guys that possess charming faces.Candidly, it is the grace of their faces that makes them so popular. Drawing human face is an art. It requires lots of skills. The onlookers carry great impression that keeps them haunting

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How To Draw Expressive Noses

Drawing expressive noses can be something of a challenge... ... in that the nose doesn't have nearly as much freedom of movement as the other features of the face. As you would expect, the change in the nose is subtle. Most of the expression is shown in the lines that run from the corners of the

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How To Draw Expressive Heads

In addition to what the face itself tells about the mood of the character, body and head position play a crucial role as well. We almost never hold ourselves completely still unless we're concentrating on being quiet. Even when we stand straight, the head tilts to the side, hands emphasize points by gesturing, limbs

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How To Draw Expressive Mouths

The mouth is one of the most important features involved in creating facial expressions. It has a tremendous range of motion, and can do everything from pucker to yawn. The corners of the mouth can raise or lower, the lips can push out, stretch flat, or pull wide. And we use our mouth continually, not

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How To Draw Expressive Eyes

Eyes are the windows of the soul, and as such, they are also the cornerstone of facial expressions. We look to the eyes first to see what a person is really feeling or thinking, and when the mouth contradicts what we see there, we believe the eyes. Expression in the eyes is shown by the outer

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Learn How To Draw Expressive Eyebrows

Eyebrows are funny things, generally relied on too heavily by cartoonists and not enough by realistic artists. In truth, they do have a wide range of motion and are very important to showing expression ... ... realistic or cartoonish--on a face, because they reflect how the muscles are pulling in the forehead. Scowls, surprise,

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