An eraser may seem like a small part of your big project, but it plays a significant role in bringing out the final shape of your drawing. Especially if you are working with charcoals and graphite, an eraser is your go-to problem solver in the initial stages of learning.

Not all erasers are created equal, and you may have wondered about the difference between a ‘kneaded eraser’ and a ‘gum eraser’. We are answering all your questions here in the form of a list of erasers every artist should know about.

Rubber Eraser

These erasers are also known as ‘Pink Pearl’ erasers at art supply

Eraser on ledger --- Image by © Jason Stang/Corbis

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stores. You may remember them from your childhood, as these erasers are found at the end of all #2 pencils. Rubber erasers are used to remove graphite marks from drawing sheets. If this eraser is used aggressively, it may damage your paper as it sheds as you rub it.

Gum Eraser

Gum erasers are also known as art gum, and they are available in semi-transparent to brown color. Gum erasers are also made from rubber, but they are very soft to touch, and they don’t shed on paper. Instead, when you rub, a gum eraser crumbles, which makes it ideal for delicate papers.

Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded eraser is a must-have if you are working with charcoal. These erasers are fun to use as they are very soft and flexible, almost like play dough. You can alter their form to suit your need of erasing fine details. You simply need to stretch the eraser, and fold it over itself in order to clean it.

Vinyl Eraser

Vinyl erasers are the hardest of all erasers on the list. They are

usually used by draftsmen for their neat cleaning ability. You must be very careful with these erasers, as they can easily tear through paper. Vinyl erasers can remove the toughest of marks, even ink.

Pencil Eraser

Pencil erasers are known as erasils. They are made up of vinyl and they come in pencil form. They are ideal for small details because you can sharpen them like a normal pencil to suit your need. As erasils are made of vinyl, they can damage your paper if you don’t use them carefully.

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