How To Draw People

how to draw peopleAs a kid you could get away with drawing stick figures for a human body, but it is not possible for an adult. Artists and professionals are trained with techniques to draw a perfect human figures.

You can also learn how to draw people, with prior knowledge about these techniques and right proportions. All you need to do is keep in mind key elements, when drawing people or a figure.

Learn how to draw people by getting acquainted with the right proportions:

Step # 1

Check the proportions when drawing a figure. If you want to know how to draw people, keep this point in mind. Draw the head first. Hold your pencil up in the air and line up with what you are viewing to draw. With the pencil’s tip and your forefinger, measure the head and chin of the model. Draw a rough proportion of the head on your paper.

Step # 2

The next step to drawing people is working on the feet structure. When learning how to draw people, you must begin with drawing the head first and feet next. This helps in keeping measurements of the body proportionate. The head should be 7 times the length of the feet downwards.

Step # 3

With an oval shape, draw the head and six additional oval shapes of similar size for abdomen, shoulders, neck, upper body and feet.

Step # 4

Complete the process on how to draw people by locating and accentuating the hips, waist, legs and arms.

If you love drawing, you will not let age or your busy schedule restrict you from taking up lessons to learn how to draw people, objects and others. Enroll to drawing and art classes, take up courses or watch online tutorials to know how to draw people.

The most important thing is to determine what you really love drawing, whether figures, objects, caricatures, portraits or simple sketches. Once you’ve decided on your choice, you can finally learn the right techniques of drawing and sketching.

how to draw a personHow To Draw People

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