How To Draw A Person

how to draw a personDrawing – An activity that we start when we are kids (literally). What starts as drawing on walls and scribbling out of the ‘dotted lines’ becomes a professional choice for many. Learning how to draw a person is easy.

You don’t have to join a class or program to get drawing lessons or be of any particular age to learn drawing.

When drawing a human figure, the basic unit of measurement depends on the head. The key is to understand this particular metric system, and distance between a figure’s head and neck.

Before you learn how to draw a person, you should get acquainted with the basic proportions, involved in drawing a human figure.

There are 3 ideal proportions, involving a human figure. They are:

1. Average figure, which is seven and half heads in height.
2. Heroic figure is of eight and half heads in height, which is due to the long legs and wide chest. The Heroic figure is mostly of superheroes and gods.
3. Ideal figure proportion is of 8 heads tall.

How to draw a person in an easy way?

A kid can get away drawing a stick figure for a human body, but not an adult. As an adult, you cannot get away by drawing a disproportionate figure. You either draw a perfect portrait or not at all.  Here are easy steps that you can follow and learn how to draw a person (not like kid!)

Step # 1

First start by drawing a person’s feet or shoes, in two oval shapes. Once you have drawn the stubs for feet, leave a gap and in a vertical position, draw pants or abdomen clothing.

Step # 2

Next step involves connecting the vertical gap with stubs or oval shapes (feet or shoes) and pants. Once you have drawn the lower part of a figure, line out a shirt or upper body.

Step # 3

Draw two lines on each shoulders, as outlines for the hands.

Step # 4

Draw an oval structure on top of the shoulder, which will be the figure’s head. Fill up the oval space with eyes, nose and mouth.

Step # 5

Add the ears and hair and complete the figure with colors of your choice.

With regular practice, you can learn how to draw a person, along with other beings and objects!

how to draw a personHow To Draw A Person

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