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As a drawing instructor I get asked a lot of questions and the most popular one is..

“I have no drawing experience, can I still learn to draw people?”

My answer is always the same…Of course you can!

While you may have heard that only people with natural talent can learn to draw. I am here to tell you that the saying is completely wrong.

In fact throughout my years of teaching I can honestly say that the only thing you need to learn to draw is a passion or a desire to learn.

The key is structured lessons and that is where I found

The site gives you step-by-step information in the correct order to avoid confusion or jumping ahead to advanced techniques before learning the basics.

If you’re a beginner artist, I can guarantee that you will take away a lot of very valuable information from this course.

And if you are an advanced artist I guarantee this course will give you everything you need to take your life drawings to the next level.

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