The skills that this home-study course will help you build will make you proud.

From today, you no longer have to keep practicing the same way and getting the same results.

And I’m NOT talking about drawing a decent pencil portrait; I’m talking about a lifetime skill of drawing realistic pencil portraits.

Here is some positive feedback from students that have used the course…

“I feel that my work has improved a great deal since I started this course”
“In one day have already learned to draw the eye better than I would ever have imagines”

“Thanks to your course people think I am a real artist now, when they look at my portraits”

“Within the first couple of weeks, spending a couple of hours a day, I have noticed a 100% improvement”

It is such a comprehensive course as you get access to:

  • 45 pages
  • 128 illustrations, close-ups, and images
  • Step-by-step well explained descriptions.

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