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Completing a pencil portrait in less than 5 hours seems impossible?

By the time you sketch the outline and perfect the shape and shading most people would spend at least a few weeks getting it picture perfect.

One drawing guru is changing this by giving you the step-by-step instructions you need to have a completed drawing in less than a week.

Not only that but each time you draw you will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create your masterpiece using his system.

Check out this testimonial from a happy customer…

“Christopher has truly helped me alot. His techniques are easy to learn, and the teaching is much better quality than the free lessons from other sites. When I mastered his techniques, it was pretty easy for me to change it a little bit and develop my own unique technique! And one of the best things is the 30 reference pictures! I think it is difficult to find it for myself.” – Nicolai, Denmark

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